Advantages of our expandable gates

Durable and Strong

Because your families life is on the line, we regard durability and quality to be of utmost importance. Our expandable gates are designed on a robust framework with double uprights and four sided supports to enhance protection. We also use quality pop rivets as anchor points, creating more value and support.


Our hook locks are laminated which provides maximum strength on the locks and helps protect against intruders pulling or tampering with the gate. Ex10dor gates also feature a unique lock bar channel that has protective lips to prevent tampering with locks.

Slam and Dead Locks

Our security gates feature perfectly spaced double lock systems (slam and deadlock) for optimal strength and is fixed into the frame of the gate. This ensures precision for the slam lock in emergencies.

Smooth Glide

Our expandable gates features a unique wheel design which consists of glass-nylon and steel ball bearings. This allows smoother operation and optimal glide along the rail.

Comfortably Quiet

Our uniquely designed ball bearings eliminates corrosion and reduce friction to ensure a smoother, quieter security gate.

 7 Colors to Choose From

We have several colors available to really make the security system become part of your home. Our colors include: Bronze, Sand, Black, White, Charcoal, Silver and Ivory.

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Ex10dor Cross Flights

We design our cross flights to be both elegant and stylish,while still making your home a safer place.

Window Grill and Fixtures

We design our window grills to be easy on the eyes but also maintain the extra benefit of an open view of your surrounding without compromising on security or strength.

We install our windows grills to be both extendable or fixed.